5th Grade Family News

May 9th - 13th, 2016

5th Grade Family News

SPECIAL THANK YOU!: Thank you for all the well wishes, gifts, cards, and thoughtfulness this whole week. How awesome to have a job where we feel so loved and appreciated! We appreciate all your efforts and are so thankful to have your children in our lives. Thank you so much!

We have enjoyed a week of getting back to routine and curriculum. Students have picked up right where they left off and they are doing a great job!

We have Discovery Education this coming week. We have reading on Wednesday, May 11th. Math has been rescheduled for May 18th and 19th. Please be sure your child is well rested and has a healthy breakfast. Also, be sure to sign up for a 4th nine weeks conference. We are looking forward to sharing your child's results with you!

- The 5th Grade Team

Congratulations to April Cool Cougars of the Month

Congratulations to:

  • Makenzie (Ms. Coffey's Class)
  • Jason (Miss Anderson's Class)
  • Alex (Mrs. Pennington's Class)

Seussical the Musical TONIGHT!!!!!

Congratulations to our awesome Seussical cast! Way to go!

Aleah A, Sydney, Emma Pupillo, and Trenton Battaglia!

Safety Trip to Universal- Some Notes From Ms. Parsons

1. The bus will leave KCC at 6:15 AM! Don't be late! :)

2. T-shirts will be passed out ASAP- Our order arrived without any adult smalls :( Even if they are throwing them on Friday morning, they will have them!

3. ALL students must ride the bus to the park. If your child will be leaving the park with a chaperone please write a note to me with a signature allowing the chaperone to sign them out and bring them home.

4. If you are coming to the park separately you can also sign your child out with myself or Mrs. Walker. Please find us before leaving. Everyone will meet back at Margaritaville at 3:45 PM for check-in and sign outs before boarding the bus.

5. The bus will arrive back to KCC around 5:45 - 6:00 PM. Please be at the school and ready to pick up your child then.

5th Grade Conferences May 23 - 26

Spirit Week: Tuesday, May 31st through Friday, June 3rd

Show Your School Spirit!

  • All Tied Up Tuesday (Wear a Crazy toe or tie-dye attire)
  • Wacky Wednesday: Swap Day, teachers dress like students/ students dress like teachers
  • Throw Back Thursday: Dress appropriately in attire from another time or decade.
  • Fanatic Friday: Dress in your favorite sports attire

5th Grade Professor Corner

Miss Anderson's Language Arts Class

This week, 5th grade is continuing to read our novel study, Out of My Mind. We are beginning to think about topics we would like to research pertaining to our novel study. Some topics might include Stephen Hawking, communication boards, ASL, Cerebral Palsy… I’m looking forward to seeing what students can create!

Spelling was back for this week, but will be on hold next week due to DE testing in Math and Reading. As always remember to have your student read 20 minutes every evening.

Happy May!

Ms. Coffey's Math Class

Class News: We will have a math assessment on Wednesday!

/9 Monday: L113: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers/ Multiplying Powers of 10/ 22A

5/10 Tuesday: L114: Unit Multipliers

5/11 Wednesday: L115: Writing Percents as Fractions, P2/ 22B

5/12 Thursday: L116: Compound Interest

5/13 Friday: L117: Finding a Whole Number When a Fraction is Known

Please be sure your child is completing at least two hours per week of iXL!

Mrs. Pennington's Science and Social Studies Class

In science this week, we will continue learning about natural disasters and the groups will present their projects on Wednesday. The students will create a display based on prior information collected to teach the class what they have learned. In social studies, we will continue our unit on the American Constitution. This week we will create a poster connecting the constitution to present day events. To make this a success we are in need of newspapers. If you subscribe please allow your student to bring them to school after you have finished reading them.

Upcoming Dates

May 11th: Reading Discovery Education

May 12th: Health/ Nutritional Presentations for 5th grade

May 18th/19th: Math Discovery Education
May 23rd: May 26th: Parent/ Professor Conferences

May 26th: Kona Ice
May 27th: No School/ Non Teacher Day
May 30th: Memorial Day (No School)

May 31st- June 3rd Spirit Week
June 3rd: End of the Year Celebration (5th Water Day)
June 10th: Report Cards to Students

(4th Nine Weeks Awards to be announced!)

Helpful Links and Reminders

Take Home Batman the Hedgehog for the Weekend

Take Home Batman Sign Up Genius

Batman is looking to go on vacation with your child! I have some very interested children who would love to take him home.

If you do take him home, I ask that he not be left with other large pets or small children. A shelf is fine where he is out of harms way. He eats cat food and needs to have his bedding cleaned out daily. Your child would receive a Mini Batman Training Course before they take him home. He is easy to take care of. He will have so much fun in your home! Sign up today!

Helpful Edsby Login Information

Q How can I view my student's grades?

A All grades and class websites are maintained at Edsby. Visit sdhc.edsby.com

Q What is my Edsby login information?

A User name: student number, Password: DOB in the format MMDDYYYY

Q How can I update my student Edsby password?

A The student password portal is here. If you can't reset your password, email Mr. Bethune in the front office for help.

Q How can I create or update my parent Edsby account?

A All parent passwords are maintained at MySpot. Visit myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us

Q What is the server name for the Edsby mobile app?

A sdhc.edsby.com

5th Grade Team

Ms. Coffey: Math and Team Lead hcoffey@kidscc.org

Miss Anderson: Reading and Language Arts eanderson@kidscc.org

Mrs. Pennington: Science and Social Studies jpennington@kidscc.org