Importance of check ups

Checking your health often is important, here are some exams you can get done before anything comes out of hands.

It is recommended to get an annual physical exam.

Both women and men should be getting :

Colorectal cancer test

Depression test


STI screening

Prostate Examination

At some point most men will either be offered a prostate examination as part of general health screening, or it will be advised because of their age (usually 50+) or some problem relating to difficulty in passing urine. The examination takes only a minute or two and should be entirely painless. Here's what to expect from a prostate examination.


A mammogram is needed every two years between the ages of 50 and 74. A patient can request more or less frequent testing based on personal and family history of breast cancer.

Pap Smear

Women should begin screening within three years of starting sexual activity or age 21 (whichever comes first) and screening at least every three years thereafter.

Testicular Exams

A doctor may wish to check each testicle for signs of a problem, including lumps, changes in size, and tenderness.