The Three Branches of Government

Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

In the Executive branch are responsible for implementing the laws that are created by the Legislative branch. The leader of this branch will always be the president of the United States unless the Legislative Branch creates a law for anyone to be the leader and it gets vetoed.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch decides whether the law that got passed from the Legislative and the Executive branch gets interprets or not.(Yay or Nay.) They also decide what their constitution does and resolves disputes.

How to tell the difference between the houses

To tell the difference between the houses are that the White House and The Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial branch are four different things. The White House is where the president lives. The Legislative Branch creates the law. The Executive Branch is responsible for implementing the law. The Judicial Branch interprets the law and the Senate is a representative for it's state.
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