First Grade Forest

Ms. Briggs' Class

Bricks for Kids

Moved to This Friday!!

We have a special in class “field trip” coming up to support our force and motion science unit. Bricks 4 Kidz will be joining our class on Friday, January 29th. We will build moving machines with legos in this hands on lesson. The cost for each student to participate is $3. Please send in your money with this sheet by Thursday 1/28.

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Article of the week!

Elementary Math Game to Strengthen Number Sense

MyOn is an easy and free way to access books

myON allows students to choose what books they like to read anytime, anywhere from a collection containing thousands of enhanced digital books.Research states that literacy is a key component of student achievement. From reading on any device to reinforcing educational content, myON mobile offers infinite reading access with proven educational benchmarking.
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Upcoming Events

  • Report Cards Go Home
  • Tuesday, February 2, PTO Meeting at North Asheville Community Center at 6:00
  • Thursday, February 18, Family Voices/Community Outreach Night at the Montford Center
  • Friday, February 19, Early Release Day.
  • Thursday, February 25, Tea & Talk with the Superintendent for Claxton Families

Snack List

Wed. Jan. 13- Dejahnai

Thurs. Jan.14- Brenton

Friday Jan. 15 - Ja'Ryn

Wed. Jan. 20- Tremayne

Thurs. Jan. 21- William

Friday Jan. 22- Conner

Mon. Jan.25 - Norah

Tues. Jan. 26- Katelyn

Wed. Jan. 27 - Lainey

Thurs. Jan.28- Kiley

Friday Jan 29- Riley

Mon. Feb. 2- Razzio

Tues. Feb. 3- Jyniah

Wed. Feb. 4 - Orion

Thurs. Feb. 5 - Bennett

Friday Feb. 6 - Ziggy

Mon. Feb. 9- India

Tues. Feb. 10 - Rose

Wed. Feb. 11- Mary Thomas

Thursday. Feb 12- Emma

Friday Feb. 13- Niihviah

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Share with us!

Magic Marker and Colored Pencils

Ask your child if they need new crayons or colored pencils for their personal use.

We also still need more Coffee Filters Please! Thank you!

Quick overview of what are we learning

Fundations: TEST ON FRIDAY!! Unit 7 includes many new sounds that will help us become stronger readers and writers. The homework for Fundations lasts the next two weeks. Our sounds are -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung, -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk

Daily 5: WE TEST THIS WEEK!! At home you can build this up and remind them to not be stressed but only try their best!

Reading Level and Written Comprehension

Nonsense Word Fluency (ket, mip, lac)

Reading Fluency (reading accuracy and speed)

Math: In math we have started working on subtraction and subtraction word problems.

Science: We finish Force and Motion this week!! The learning targets that we will cover and your child will be measured on are:

Vocabulary: Movement, motion, force, push and pull, magnet, balance, poles

What is a force, understand push and pull, and use forces?

I will increase/ decrease the speed of an object by apply more/less force to the object

I will push or pull the object to move it.

I will use examples to explain the unseen force of magnets.

I will locate the two poles of a magnet.

I will balance the weight to objects using a scale.


Read 10 or more minutes a night!

Front and back of Addition Word Problem Worksheet.

Finish up unit 7 Fundations and prepare for test on Friday.