How About Haiti!!!

By: Chidinma O.

Background Information

The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince, which is one of the top five major cities. Some other cities include Delmas, Carrefour, and Pétionville. Haiti used to be controlled by France, but gained independence in the year 1804. Now it is no longer controlled by another country. Since this country used to be ruled by France, the French language is now one of the official languages. The other one is Creole.
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Haitian Flag

The Haitian flag has a background whose colors are divided equally. The colors are red (on the bottom) and blue (on the top). In the middle, there is a white rectangle with an image in it. The image in the center is the coat of arms of Haiti.

Geographical Information

Haiti is located on an island called Hispianiola. It shares this island with Dominican Republic. The state if Maryland is a small state, but Haiti is even smaller. The country is basically split in two by the Gulf of Gonâve. The highest mountain in Haiti is Chaîne de la Selle.

Political and Economic Info

The Haitian government is Republic. Their president is Jocelerme Privert. Haiti is capitalist, and their currency has an interesting name: the Haitian gourde

Tourist Information

Though Haiti may be poor, the landscape is stunning. There are several beaches, like the Port Salut beach. Since Haiti is right in the Caribbean Sea, there are several Caribbean cruises available. The Iron Market features many things that are part of the Haitian culture. The two most popular places to visit are the Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle Laferriere.


"Fun" Facts

-More than 10% of Haitian children die before age 5
-80% of Haitians live in poverty
-A typical Haitian worker makes $2.75 a day