Project Outline

Early Intervention Foster Care (EIFC) School Outcomes


OSLC already has evidence of EIFC being successful for kids in care. The idea of this project is to identify kids that need more intervention. This means we need to identify common factors between children who aren't successful before the study (at baseline) to understand how to develop a new study/intervention for them to be successful, specifically to get them ready for school.


  • literature review of OSLC data as well as measures used by outside research
  • co-relational analyses using Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) software.
  • develop model to identify relevant elements
  • paper and presentation containing information found

Immediate Steps: review literature and present a "proposal" to supervisors


Why is it important and what need does it meet?

This information is helpful in understanding the existing research at OSLC. The model developed could also be used by other research projects at the site to evaluate their data. There is also a need to continue research around the EIFC model to improve it and understand why, for a percentage of children, it isn't as effective. Further research could be developed using this information.


March 2014 - projected date for when data is compiled. We will be able to talk about and present preliminary findings.

End of Spring term 2014 - finalized or concrete project in place.