How to Become...A Police Officer

Written by Jonathon Perry


So you want to become a police officer? Yes? Good, so know I can tell you all all about how to become a police officer. If you want to be a police officer than you should like to save life's. I will tell you all about the steps in becoming a police officer. This article will be a good way for you to know what's ahead for your career as a police officer. My dad was a police officer and went through this stuff i’m about to tell you. I also have other family members that were in the force. So this article will help you a lot.
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Colleges Degrees

To get in the academy you need a college degree in criminal justice. The least is a master’s degree. But you can join in the academy and then you will have to get the degrees during your career. Also you can be a captain and get to higher ranks with your master’s degree. This will get you higher ranked in the police force with your master’s degree and you won’t have to worry about it when you are in training. My opinion is that i would get it before i started the police academy.

Day to Day life of a Police Officer

The day to day of a police officer is always out of the blue. There are always calls about crimes, crashes, and pursuits. It might seem like a lot but once you get trained you will realize that some of these calls will be easy. You will have to work as a team no matter what because some of the calls you will have people in your hands to save (if you want to do that most of your police career join the S.W.A.T. team). You will move into higher ranks as you progress into your police career.
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Professionals in The Field

Someone you can follow in their footsteps is my dad. He was a great police officer. My dad got really high in the police rankings. His last ranking before he retired was captain. My dad was one of the most highest ranked in the force so that meant he did not do a lot of what he used to. This is as a good way to go in your career. He was a lot of officers meaning that he was a detective and he was a lot of other things. He said that it is challenging when you are in training and he said that being a police officer is like a routine in which the calls you get you know what to do. To add to this question in my interview that when you all think that doing the call is hard but once you know what your doing it is not really hard.
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If this sounds a little too much for you then consider it. I hope this piece of writing gives you much more hope in the police force than you did. I hope in the future I can make more articles on other subjects and more on the police academy. This is just an article for people who are interested in joining the police force. I am also going to be as police officer myself and to go along with my dad I am following in my dad’s footsteps to be a police officer. This article is one of my best articles yet and I hope to read more of my articles.

If you make it out of the police than I wish you the best of luck when you are dealing with bad situations. I hoped you enjoyed this article and I hope you read more of my articles in the future!!
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