2nd Hand News

December 2017

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'Tis the season to be having fun in 2nd grade! This month, second graders have been traveling around the world via literature, learning about geography and holiday traditions in different countries, and the life skill of getting through customs. In math, practicing the subtraction with regrouping process by using big numbers and double regrouping has been underway. Students have continued to learn writing conventions, including the pesky plural vs. possessive "s," and they have learned proper letter writing format including greetings and closings. Vowel-consonant-E syllables have been a focus in phonics, and they have been made more challenging by using them in multisyllabic words with suffixes and plural endings. Students will be making snow globes after break that will include their writing about the supplies they would want to have in order to live in a winter environment.

Additional activities included being treated to an astronomy lab assembly with Mr. Merwin and wrapping gifts for each other in a LS recycled book exchange. Thank you, Parent Project visitors for fun craft and reading experiences! The LS Holiday Program was a big success thanks to the leadership and great singing of the 2nd grade. Enjoy the pictures of the kids and enjoy a well-deserved holiday break. Cheers!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce

PS I loved each and every thoughtful gift from my 2nd grade family. Thank you!