Jean Garcia

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Will She Survive?

Jean is a three month old healthy baby. Due to her young age and incapability of working in the group, Jean was selected to be left off the lifeboat. She would have to be taken care of and watched over frequently, and the group cannot afford anyone getting in their way of their survival. Also, it would also be hard to provide for Jean specifically. At the age of three months, she is in need of baby formula. She would not be able to eat the food like everyone else, so this becomes a hassle. Some may argue that having a baby would be mentally beneficial to the survivors. It would provide a sense of humanity, raising a child and caring for it. However, under the circumstances that they are in, they need to focus more on themselves. Especially at the beginning, when they first reach the island, it is very important to find food and water, build a shelter, and establish other necessities as soon as possible; they do not have the time to look after an infant.