Hippie Culture

By: Tae Yeon

History Of Hippies

Hippie can be also spelled hippy, during the 1960's and 1970's, of a counterculture movement that rejected the mores of mainstream American Life. The hippie movement started from a collage campuses in the United States. It spread to other countries including Canada and Britain. The Hippies were created because teenagers from the time, they thought they should make love, not wars.

Beliefs Of Hippies

Every Hippie's beliefs were a little bit different to each others. However, all of the Hippies believed in people's freedom and promoting love and peace to other people. Their famous quote was "Love not War". Hippies believed in people's happiness too. Normally you can find Hippie by people who would wear fancy clothing and they would hold the message of "Peace, Love and Happiness"

Key People Involved

Joan Baez - It Ain't Me Babe - BBC "In Concert" Show (1965)
Jackson Browne - The Load Out - Stay (Live 1978)

Hippie Major Events

The Timeline Of Hippie Movement

17 March 1965 - The protest against the Vietnam War Began.

5 September 1965 - The first time term "Hippie" is used.

25 March 1966 - Anti War protest in New York more then 25,000 people involved.

5 November 1966 - 10,000 people join the walk for Love, Peace and Freedom in NY.

1967 - Summber of Love in San Francisco. First human be- in.

4 May 1967 - Students killed by national guard at Kent State,

August 1968 - Anti - war demonstration at the Democratic National Convention.

15 August 1968 - Woodstock Music and Art Festival Begins.

22 April 1970 - First Earth Day, participated by millions.

29 March 1976 - Last troops officially withdrawn from Vietnam.

Clips Of Hippies Anti War

Hippies, Cops, and The 1960's (Protest & Response)
Anti Vietnam War protest

Hippie Legacy

Hippie Legacy From: (Movements influenced society today)

Hippies influenced us by the music these are examples of what we got infulenced.

They also infulenced us by our music festivals nowdays and the racisms.

Social Aspects

- Integration of Black people

- Integration of homosexual

Cultural Aspects

- Music

-Arts, Books