By: Lyla Allen


The Cardettes started in the spring of 1960 with 3 girls that wanted to promote school spirit. Eventually the group spread to about 25 girls who were under the direction of Mrs. Jean Bell. In 1963 Virginia King took over for a short amount of time. From 1963 to 1973, Maetta Davis-Cumby built the team up and eventually the team was 60 members! The Girls focus on all styles of dance but they are known for Jazz and High Kick.


Mrs. Davis established the Cardette escort which has stuck with drill teams since.

1973, Mrs. Twink Sitton Ross established the famous flip wings in the uniforms.

2000 and on, the Cardettes left their impact on drill teams because they started many traditions that still exist today. Without the cardettes drill teams would not be the same.

TVCC Cardettes