The Nile News

2036 B.C.

The Death Of Pepi ll

Our crew gathered intel on the matter at hand and we all agree that the centralised state collapsed shortly after the rule of Pepi II. Pepi was in his nineties when he passed away. He survived many of his heirs but left a large number of people with foolish claims to the throne and there were significant difficulties following his death. There also seem to have been problems caused by the rise in the power of certain noble families. As if this was not enough, there may also have been unpredictable fluctuations in the level of the inundation which caused widespread famine and instability during which the temples were pillaged and art works vandalised. Pharaonic authority buckled under the pressure and powerful "nomarchs" struggled to step into the breach and take control of Egypt.

War has broken out in Thebes!

Egypt is spiraling out of control as they plummet deeper into the darkness of the first intermediate period! As we watch from the sidelines, we see all the most powerful families fighting for a place on the throne and hope to be the next pharaoh. So, you are probably wondering how did this all happen in the first place? We asked the commoners of the town, and they all agreed that the cause of this is, Pepi II. He was chosen by the gods to have a long life and Out live ALL his successors!

The Capital Has Changed Again!

For many years, Memphis was our capital of Egypt. But since Pepe II died, war has broke out and men all over Egypt have fought over who should be the new Pharaoh of Egypt. With that said, different people have chose the new capital. Thebes is now the unofficial capital. Not only did the capital move, but so did the location of the war!

The Next Pharaoh of Egypt

After years of fighting over who should be the new pharaoh of Egypt, our experts took some polls to see who people want. “Neferkare should be the new pharaoh of EGypt,” one man said, “he has a plan for the future and has a very powerful army.” Though, not everyone agreed with this statement. We also asked the former scribe of Pepe II what he thinks, “Mentuhotep I, seems to make an impression on many people all over Egypt and wants to unite Egypt once again.” As war goes on many people have lost their lives over who and why different people should be the new pharaoh. For now, we really don’t know who will eventually take the throne, or how long this war will last!

The Fly King

Pepi II was the Pharaoh before the wars broke out and the reason no one came after him

was from his long life of 94 years! He was a unique king who outlive all of his children and air to the thrones, used his slaves as fly traps, and became king as a 6 year old. As a child Pepi II hated flies, so he put honey on his slaves, made them stand away from him, and the flies would go to them. We interviewed one of his slaves and he said,” it was terrible! Flies were everywhere, even on my eyes!” Pepi II was a pharaoh, not a king, and he kept order in egypt and had an insanely long rule of c. 88 years.

The Crops are Down!

During this intermediate period crops are growing terribly because there is almost no law, or pharaoh! There has been an extremely high amount of robbings everywhere, especially in farms. With all guards of farms fighting for pharaoh, and some farmers, crop growth has been slow because of no one guarding it and less people growing them.

A Monarch?

Right now, the position of king is not herditary, so which familys are trying to become the next monarch. Only certain nomarchs, with wealthy families, in certain provinces, are fighting for the position of pharaoh. As these nomarchs become more powerful, and more influential and away from the king, they are basicly the “candidates” for winning the war. The nomarchs have raised entire armies to try and become the king. Most nomarchs that try to rise and army are stopped by the king, so it is rare that your nomarch is trying to make an army. you want to be pharoah, then you have to be a nomarch first.

Gold Ho!

Rumor had it that the Egyptian government was not doing so well when it came to economy. Until something major happened. lately, as some of you may of heard, Egypt won the war that rewarded our government with upper Egypt. Ever since we obtained the other part of Egypt, it was gold galore! Gold mines were created with incredible amounts of gold. who knew that one voyage could turn into a miracle?

The Final Outcome

it took over 100 years but in the end everyone knew there was only one outcome, a new pharaoh. The discrepancies between the various Kings Lists could well be down to their tendency to support a specific political agenda. The writers of the Abydos List chose not to recognise the rulers in Herakleopolis and the rulers in Thebes who co-existed with rulers in Memphis but instead project the idea that power moved seamlessly from Memphis to Thebes with the rule of Mentuhotep II. The Saqqara kings list ignores the entire period and jumps from the Old kingdom to the Middle Kingdom as though there had never been any break in power. The Turin List includes all of the Theban rulers and includes the rulers of Herakleopolis (who the Thebans defeated to seize power), but cuts out some of the Memphite rulers.

The Theban Kings

The theban kings are the kings who are credited for organizing upper egypt into an independent ruling body of the south. They are called theban kings because their main capital is thebes. One Theban king, Intef II tries to invade the north, particularly at Abydos, and died during the attack. Intef III completed his attack and move to upper Egypt to try and try to move and take on the heracleopolitian kings in middle egypt. Mentuhotep, the first king of the 11th dynasty and also known as Nebhepetra, finished these wars and this led to the final outcome.

The New Art

During the wars going on now, there is still some unique art. This new art is sometimes defined as clumsy and people say it’s due to the lack of skilled artisans, but it seems to be liked by some people. What's unique is that it uses very bright colors and is surviving these wars. It survives because of the low quality paint, which no one would want to steal and sell. This artwork is said to be clumsy because of the smudging paint, distorted body proportions, and bright paint. Unfortunately, kings don’t want it on their burial chamber, and it is all the art their is, because the so called, good art, has been robbed. During this time of was the tombs will have to go undecorated.

The Pyramids of Giza have been robbed!

Almost 9 miles west of Thebes, there lies the Pyramids of Giza. Untouched for a long time, the Pyramids of Giza were in peace and on the Sahara Desert. Until, the a group of men stole some valuable pieces of gold on top of the Pyramids. According to officials, it was a group of 7 men who had swords and other weapons. They did leave tracks heading up the Nile River, so be careful where you are. Soldiers from the city of Giza plan to take action and hunt down this theves.

Tension Grows Between... Ourselves?

Tensions are growing between our citizens as we do not currently have a pharaoh to control us. everyone wants to be pharaoh! Some citizens are taking it too far with creating armies to fight for their leader to be pharaoh. Will someone step up to the throne? Or will there be no citizens to rule over anymore?


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