By: Sulee Bellaman

Power and Speed

Rugby requires a lot of speed in order to run the ball down the field. Its helps your team if you are the faster one. You can can practice your speed by resistance running. Most people use a mini parachute to help them run faster. With speed you will also need a lot of power so that you can take your opponent and win the game. You can practice your power with strength training.

Balance and Coordidnation

During a game of rugby you will need an incredible amount of balance and coordination. Since Rugby is a tackling sport you will find yourself being tangled up with other people it is important that you have balance so that you are able to be the last one standing when you are out of the mess. You will also need coordination so you can catch the ball, and know where you will be running your play.


Good nutrition is key to being on your A game. You should be taking in a lot of carbohydrates, protein, and potassium. Water is also very helpful. All of these combined will help you be fit and and healthy.