All about me

Ainhoa Soria


Hello! My name is Ainhoa Fernandez Soria. I am 14 years old.

I'm from Catalonia, Spain. I live in Bescanó, Girona.

I'm low and thin, I have blue eyes, blond hair and my nose smaller.

I'm fun, happy and bighead.

Family and pets

I have two houses, one with I live with my mother and my other i live with my father. I have a sister, Ines, she have 11 years old. I have got a one dog tovita.

Justin Bieber

My idol is Justin Bieber, is a singer pop, he have got 20 years old. He is a very good person because has paid millions of dollars to ONG. I had the opportunity to go to two of his concerts. I love Justin Bieber.

Hobbies and interests

My favorite hobby is dancing.

I am interested in fashion and aesthetics of the people.

I love to travel around the world. I love going to the beach and the pool, my favorite season is summer.

In my free time I like being with my friends, listening to music and watching TV. Sometimes when I have free time I like to watch movies and series. In my free time i going to shooping center.


I have many friends but my best friends are Nora Estebanell, Leire Francisco, Alba Jumilla, Aitana Domenech, Laura Marquez, Josep Chetrit and Juan Gonzalez.