New Years Party

December 31st

Time: 3:00pm until 3:00am (hotel rooms provided)

Please join us at a private party in Boston and the top of one of The Marriots finest Inn.

There will be plenty of food, drinks, entertainment, indoor pools, hot tubs, game/lounge room and more!


Please be sure to RSVP on or before the date of December 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS AFTER that date. On the card given please be sure to fill out EXACTLY how many people will be attending. Remember, no kids under the age of 13, please and thank you.

Prices: (extensions are not included in price *neither is tax* add extensions it will be a $115 fee)

2 parents with 1 child: $350

2 parents with 2 children: $375

2 parents with 3+ children: $450

1 parent with 1 child: $250

1 parent with 2 children: $275

1 parent with 3+ children: $350