Winter 2022

A Few Words from Dean Swanson:

I hope you had time to rest and be with your loved ones during the winter break. Mine was quiet (snowed in) and intermittently wonderful when I was able to spend time with family.

2022 is upon us and we are coming up on the two-year anniversary of when we first closed the CPL. At this moment there have been over 8,000 in-person CPL visits without one known case of COVID transmission having occurred in the CPL. Moreover, in fall quarter with on-campus classes for undergraduates, I am not aware of any cases of COVID transmission within a nursing classroom.

Throughout the pandemic, Seattle University has and will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the University is committed to providing face to face learning wherever possible. Public Safety and the Student Health Center regularly consult with an infectious disease expert who translates the latest information regarding disease spread locally and around the world and helps review the university’s plans and protocols. The University also has its COVID-19 Containment and Prevention working group (C-CAP) charged with developing and updating health and safety policies, procedures, and plans informed by CDC and public health guidance and Washington State requirements.

When students returned for winter quarter on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, we were once again presented with new challenges related to the pandemic and the need for classroom-based courses to take place remotely until January 31. As of this writing, labs and clinical placements have remained in person where allowed. In the CPL, we are establishing enhanced safety requirements effective immediately. In addition to demonstrating clearance on the SafeStart health screening and continuing to adhere to hand sanitizing procedures, all who enter the CPL are now required to wear a KN-95 mask and eye protection (i.e., goggles or a face shield). Required PPE is available through the CPL. We are strongly encouraging everyone to get their booster vaccination and to engage in weekly testing if they are frequently coming to the CPL. We are hearing that some APNI and undergraduate clinicals are being postponed by clinical sites and are rapidly assessing what clinical experiences we may need to shift to virtual or in-person simulations.

As has been our response for the last two years, University and College level decisions are driven by the most up to date evidence, state and federal requirements, CDC and public health guidance, and with consideration of the overall university community.

This is not the start of 2022 that we had hoped for when we left for break in December. If the past two years have taught us anything, it is to remain flexible, and to have patience and empathy for those of us feeling stretched to their limit.

The health, well-being and educational success of all our students is top priority. Please know that all in the College of Nursing are continually working to support you in navigating through these challenges.

Dean Swanson

Kristen M. Swanson, RN, PhD, FAAN | Dean and Professor

A Few Words from Associate Dean Bowie

Happy New Year to you all! As I write this, it is late December and the Omicron virus cases are rising. I was hopeful for a heathier 2022, but I now fear it may not start out that way. As you all know, SU made the decision to start out winter quarter in a virtual environment once again. I recently read an article by Robert Reich about why he loves teaching and he captured my feelings so accurately, I am going to insert a piece of his article here. (yes, I know faculty tell you to paraphrase in your papers, but I am going to throw out that writing rule this one time so that you can appreciate Reich’s wonderful descriptions of his teaching style).

The class I most enjoy teaching at Berkeley has over 800 undergraduates. I love being there in person — watching my students as I speak: their eyes, their faces, their body language; noting the moments when they sit up straighter in their chairs because they’re engaged and curious, witnessing times when their eyes light up because they’ve figured out something important. I don’t really lecture at them (although it’s described as a “lecture” in the course listings). I speak to them, and see and feel their reactions.

A class this large takes on a life and personality of its own. The class as a whole gives me a huge amount of information about what they’re confused by, intrigued by, want more information about, or want more context for. Their unspoken reactions guide me — telling me what to say and do next. I’ve been teaching for forty years, so by now this iterative process is automatic, subconscious, immediate. My students don’t realize that minute-by-minute they’re telling me how and what to teach them. We’re in a tacit but dynamic dialogue — all 800 of them and me. (Reich, R., 2021)

So, like Robert Reich, while I want to keep our students and faculty safe, I am also grieving the loss of real time interactions in the classroom as I am energized by these exchanges. I continually learn from students as they put forth their opinions and bring in other areas of experience and expertise. These interactions and discussions are what feeds the souls of professors and I always feel very fortunate when I leave a classroom feeling reenergized and a bit more knowledgeable. Thus, as we start the 2022 new year, my hope is for all of you to remain healthy and safe, but I am also hopeful for in-person classroom experiences where we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Dr. Bonnie Bowie

Bonnie Bowie, PhD, MBA, RN | Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

A Few Words from Associate Dean for Innovations in Clinical Education, Dr. Carrie Miller

Welcome to the New Year and many hopes for health and well-being!

It is hard to believe we are coming into the third year of the Covid pandemic. I was so hopeful the New Year would bring calmness and less uncertainty. Between the weather, Covid, and travel….it seems like 2022 is off to a bumpy start! The Clinical Performance Lab remains open and committed to meeting student learning needs in skills labs and simulation. We are constantly mindful of safety and consideration to changes as needed. I often reflect that the CPL closed its doors in March 2020, reopened in June 2020 with limitations…and we have had well over 8,000 students, faculty, and staff CPL visits and zero known Covid transmissions from June 2020 to December 2021!!! Kudos to all students, staff, and faculty for making our safety record a reality!

Our focus has always been safety…and it will continue to be each day. As restrictions change or the climate of Covid shifts, the CPL is committed to student safety and learning. I love working with students as they bring their knowledge, newly acquired skills, and caring attitudes in the care of others in simulation settings. Although we live much of our workdays through zoom, I am very grateful for having students come to the CPL and learn in person. However, in the end, if we must close our doors again, we will do our very best to make sure students have the resources they need to succeed!

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your educational journey.

In gratitude,

Carrie Miller, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE, IBCLC

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Innovations in Clinical Teaching


Learn more about how SU is responding to Covid-19

Important Dates, Events & Reminders

Important Dates for Winter 2022:

Dec 20 - Tuition payments due for winter quarter

Jan 4 - First day of class, winter

Jan 10 - Last day to add/drop classes

Jan 15-17 Martin Luther King Jr Weekend - No Classes

Feb 15 - Registration begins for spring

Feb 18 - Last day to withdraw

Feb 19-21 President's Weekend - No Classes

Mar14 - Last class day

Mar 15-19 - Final Exam Week

Mar 20-27 - Spring Break

Mar 23 - Grades posted on SU Online by 6pm

Looking Ahead - Important Dates For Spring 2022:

Mar 20 - Tuition payments due for spring

Mar 28 - First day of class, spring

Apr 1 - Last day to Add/Drop classes

Apr 4 - Registration begins for summer 2022

Apr 7 - University Mission Day (Classes Before 1:30pm cancelled)

Apr 15 - 18 Easter Break - No Classes

May 9 - Registration begins for fall 2022

May 12 - Last day to withdraw from spring

May 28-30 Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

June 6 - Last Class Day

June 7-11 - Final Exam week

June 10 - DNP Scholarship Day + DNP Hooding & Blessing of Hands Ceremony

June 12 - Commencement for Seattle University

June 15 - Grades posted on SU Online by 6pm

June 15 - New BSN-DNP student orientation

June 16 - New APNI student orientation

June 22 - Degrees posted for DNP students

You can access the Registrar's Academic Calendar here:

You can access the Registrar's Important Dates Calendar here:

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Welcome, NEW Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance, Marilyn Cope

Hello, I’m pleased to join the CON as the inaugural Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance. I’ll be helping get the CON “accreditation ready” for the 2022 CCNE site visit and keep the program aligned with regulations and reporting requirements. I most recently worked as the Director of Educational Quality Improvement at the University Washington School of Medicine, where my work focused on national accreditation of the MD program, strategic planning, continuous quality improvements and policies. I find my professional responsibilities rewarding as I enjoy collaborative problem solving with colleagues (and friends!).

In my personal life, I like to spend time with my family (including two boys, ages 10 and 7) and our two rescue shepherd mixes. One day, when mothering is less intensive, I look forward to returning to my old hobbies of oil painting and woodworking.

I’ve appreciated the warm welcome I’ve received at the CON. If I haven’t met you yet, please don’t hesitate to say hello.

Marilyn Cope, MPA

Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

Welcome NEW APNI Program Director, Dr. Kumhee Ro

Hello students – I feel honored in my career to have practiced in a number of clinical settings including geriatric care, primary care, women's health care, public health, and inpatient acute care. I’ve spent over a decade working clinically in Emergency Medicine and academically at the University of Washington School of Nursing and Seattle University. A common theme throughout my practice has been the meaning and satisfaction I’ve found providing high quality, compassionate care to diverse, medically complex, and underserved populations. A second theme has been the deep satisfaction of working with our nursing learners – I am excited about the journey that lies ahead of you, and I am privileged to be a part of your academic experience as your APNI Program Director.

Kumhi Ro, DNP, FNP-BC

Director, Advanced Practice Nursing Immersion (APNI) Program

2021-2022 Student Track Representatives!

This academic year, the Student Track Representatives are:


Student Representative positions are open and voting is taking place now!


Shannon Mackmacks@seattleu.eduAll Cohort

Natalie Truongtruongt4@seattleu.eduCNM

Colton Dioncdion@seattleu.eduPMHNP

Courteney Lamclam1@seattleu.eduAGACNP

Hannah Morrisonhmorrison@seattleu.eduFNP

Jennifer Cheungjcheung@seattleu.eduAGNP

Tracy Meyertmeyer@seattleu.eduEJC


David Misslbeckdmisslbeck@seattleu.eduAll Cohort

Tara Freeborntfreeborn@seattleu.eduCNM

Michelle Heinermheiner@seattleu.eduPMHNP

Sydney Huttonshutton@seattleu.eduFNP

Serena Martinez-Perrysmartinezperry@seattleu.eduAGNP

Kristine Cara Santossantosk@seattleu.eduAGACNP

Ravneet Purewalrpurewal@seattleu.eduEJC


Matt Johnsonjohnsonmatt1@seattleu.eduAll Cohort

Kate Guzmanguzmankately@seattleu.eduCNM

Gabe Geigerggeiger@seattleu.eduAGNP

Jana Banjaninbanjani1@seattleu.eduPMHNP

Christina Borselliborsellichri@seattleu.eduFNP

Deeksha Gadidgadi@seattleu.eduAGACNP

Anne Balentinesbalentine@seattleu.eduEJC

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A Message from the CPL Team

Happy New Year 2022 and the start of Winter quarter! The CPL is gearing up to host our BSN traditional students as they begin their health assessment and nursing skills course. In addition, this quarter we will be supporting the Certified Nurse midwifery program along with the Acute Care program as they host multiple Observed Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). Furthermore, the CPL will be holding a multitude of learning labs and simulations this coming quarter.

As COVID-19 policies continue to shift based on variants, the CPL will continue to use CDC recommended policies for healthcare settings regarding PPE and other guidelines to ensure that our student's safety and health are being prioritized. As we continue within the pandemic, we have adjusted our own policies and procedures to be able to accommodate more students by restructuring our lab spaces. We will continue to monitor restrictions and resources and adapt as needed.

If you have lab in the CPL this quarter, we are delighted to welcome you. Please make sure to review all policies and procedures of what will be expected. We are anticipating being open on the first day of classes for the winter quarter and expect all students to adhere to SU policies regarding testing and safe practices.

Please welcome two of the CPL’s newest team members. Our new Administrative Assistant, Joey Salazar, who joins us from Albers School of Business. Joey is a graduate student at Seattle University who you can find at the front desk of the CPL. In addition, we are welcoming Mary Schafer, who is going to be a second Simulation Coordinator for the CPL, she has experience as a simulation strategist in healthcare systems and specializes in neuroscience and behavioral health.

Welcome CPL Administrative Assistant, Joey Slazar

Hi! I'm Joey. I'm currently in the Student Develpment Administrstion graduate program here at Seattle U. I am from California and got my Bachelors at University of California, San Diego. My two absolute favorite things are food and music - which means I love to cook and am often at concerts and music festivals. My professional experience has led me to such great places like Academic Advising at UCSD and Career Advising at Seattle U’s Albers Placement Center so now I am super excited to bring my student development background to the College of Nursing’s CPL.

Welcome Simulation Coordinator, Mary Schafer

Hello, my name is Mary Schafer and I have recently relocated from Winter Park, Florida and will be working as a Simulationist in the CPL. I came to visit my sister who lives in Seattle 3 years ago and I immediately fell in love with this city! I am married to my husband Rick and we have 4 children. Prior to becoming a nurse, I worked for The Walt Disney Company for 9 years.

I have been an RN for 11 years with 6 years bedside experience in medical surgical and PCU.

Upon completing my MSN, I was a Neurosurgical/Neuromedical Nurse Educator in the hospital for 2 years. I have also served as Mental Health Adjunct Faculty for Valencia College of Nursing (my alma mater) for 3 years. Most recently, I was the Simulation Learning Strategist for the nurse residency program at AdventHealth, Florida.

I am excited and grateful to be a part of the CPL team!



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APNI - Class of 2025

A Note from your Advisor, Rebecca Severson

I hope that each of you found some restoration over the break from classes. This winter term will keep you busy with two clinical rotations and three theory courses. Please schedule an advising appointment with me sometime this quarter. I highly recommend choosing a time in weeks 3-6 as registration for spring will occur the week of February 15. You should see your specific appointment time assigned ~1-2 weeks in advance of registration week. Feel free to schedule 1:1 or in groups – whatever works best for you. Currently my appointments are all on Zoom, but when campus opens up more, I will be on campus at minimum on Mondays and Fridays, so happy to have you visit my office in Garrand 203 later this term. Please feel free to reach out sooner if you have questions, concerns, or topics to discuss. Happy New Year! ~Rebecca

DNP I - Class of 2024

Winter quarter coursework specific to the APNI entry students are:

Pharmacology for RNs, Differential Diagnosis and Quality Improvement & Health Informatics.

Winter quarter coursework specific to the RN entry students are:

Healthcare Economics, Population Health and Leadership & Health Informatics.

The campus tour originally scheduled for Jan 6 was cancelled due to the campus being closed. Missy will email your cohort again when campus re-opens to schedule this event.

DNP II - Class of 2023

This winter quarter, in addition to some track specific courses, the DNP II students will be taking Critical Inquiry II and dive deeper into the DNP project.

You can access the Canvas CON Information page on DNP Projects here:

DNP projects from years' past can be found on Scholarworks in the Lemeiux library here:

This winter, the clinical placement team will connect with you to schedule a clinical placement orientation. Be sure to have your Castlebranch requirements up to date!

DNP III - Class of 2022

DNP III class, you are so close to the finish line! This quarter you will continue to work on your DNP Projects and clinical placements.

As a reminder, you should have applied to graduate for spring 2022, you can check your status by going to MySeattleU. To access that page, go here

and click on "MySeattleU & Student Planning"

For those of you who want to look ahead, please find the Graduation & Certification page on the Canvas CON Information Page below. On that page you will see a "Steps to Complete the DNP" at the bottom of the page:

CON Information Page on Canvas

This is where the Graduate Team is keeping student resources and information. Look for "Graduate Program" there are several links to helpful pages there.

SU Resources & Access as an ALUM

Class of 2022: Some of you may be wondering...will I still be able to access my su email once I graduate? What about the Library resources?

Please see below to understand what you will have access to upon graduation in June:

Alumni retain the ability to access the following systems:

  • Email
  • mySeattleU
  • TouchNet (student billing system), it is accessed through mySeattleU
  • Handshake
  • Wi-Fi access
    • This can be provided through SU-Visitor (must use non-SU email address)

Alumni must perform extra steps or purchase subscriptions to access these systems/benefits:

How to Email DNP Student Cohort Groups : Using Outlook List Serve Groups

For those new students joining us - we have Outlook listserve email groups so you can email your cohort or your specific track. To do this:

Open a new email

Click on "To" - a field box will open

search for one of the following groups:

DNP IIIs: "DNP-2022"

DNP IIs: "DNP-2023"

DNP Is: "DNP-2024"

APNIs: "DNP-2025"

If you would like to email a specific track/specialty group - you will add the track code to the above, such as:

"DNP-2022-CNM" -OR- "DNP-2023-FPMH" -OR- "DNP-2025-AGNP" -OR- "DNP-2023-AGAC"

These lists are updated at the end of each quarter, if you are curious about connecting with a particular person in a track, you can search for their name - or you can expand the above group name by clicking on the "+"

Email Communication and Email Signatures:

It is very important to use your SeattleU email address when corresponding with faculty or staff, please do not use your personal email. When you are emailing with graduate staff or faculty, it is equally important to include your name, track, and cohort year as identifiers so we can assist you expeditiously.

In addition, it is important to represent yourself accurately, especially when communicating with preceptors and clinical sites. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is not a PhD program where students take comprehensive examinations and, upon passing, receive the title, Ph Candidate. Referring to yourself as a candidate (e.g., DNPc) is not appropriate and can cause confusion with our preceptors.

We suggest using the following E-signature:

Name, Credential | DNP Student - specialty | Class of 202X


Your Address or Seattle U Address

work: | cell:

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Greetings from the College of Nursing Equity and Justice Committee (EJC)!

The EJC is a student-led, standing committee of the College of Nursing that understands that the work we have in front of us for the 2021-2022 academic year will be vast and unequivocally relevant to undoing racism and systemic injustice. Although Seattle University is a Jesuit institution, EJC recognizes there are systems in place that need careful consideration.

The EJC is transitioning leadership structure this year. The leadership council will include CON students supported by faculty. The current initiatives for the 2021-2022 academic year include updating the Microaggressions Reporting Tool, cultural competency in the CON curriculum, the graduate student mentorship program, and refreshing the EJC Resource Website.

The Microaggressions Reporting Tool was developed for the College of Nursing to be a safer space for students to learn, faculty to teach, and staff to work, without having to hide or compromise their various identities. We recognize that, like safety or medication errors in hospitals, microaggressions are manifestations of structural inequities and unexamined systems of marginalization rather than the failings of an individual. To collect data on microaggressions, all such incidents can be anonymously reported at This reporting tool is to be used by the College of Nursing community to collect data; it is not a Seattle University campus instrument.

The EJC Resource Website, modeled after the “online syllabus” created by the Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock movements, is an online repository of information on the effects of racism on health, multimedia teaching and learning resources, links to resources on campus and beyond for students of color, first-gen students, and low-income students, and much more. While it can sometimes take a few seconds to load, we invite you to visit it at You can locate both resources by navigating to:

We can make the greatest impact for the entire College of Nursing community when we have participation from all. Please consider joining us! In the EJC, everyone's voice is valued equally and considered thoughtfully. We are stronger together.

The next EJC meeting will be held in person and broadcast through Zoom on January 12th, 4-5:30 pm. Location TBD

Wishing youa wonderful and successful winter quarter,

The Equity and Justice Committee

Pronouns Matter!

Please visit this useful resource entitled: Pronouns Matter. It is full of helpful information to help navigate the world of pronouns

And here is a resource from the University of Milwaukee:

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Campus Ministry- Conversations and Pastoral Care

Care and Conversation

The Office of Campus Ministry welcomes all graduate students to seek one-on-one conversations from a member of the Campus Ministry team at any point throughout their time at SU.

Regardless of religious background, all students are invited to meet with Campus Ministers as they process life experiences which include, but are not limited to: dealing with life adjustments, grief and loss, life direction and purpose, academic stress, social/relational issues, identity exploration, finding community, and spiritual/religious questions and practices.

Students can access our online form to set up a meeting with a Campus Minister. When students access the form, they will input their contact information and a Campus Minister will reach out to them to schedule a phone or Zoom conversation.

Get Answers to All of Your SU Questions Here

Student Support Center put this page together. It's a one-stop place for answers to everything from financial aid to checking out books at the library during COVID-19.

CON Website for Current Students

Covid-19 related student resource page from the CON


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CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

CAPS - is available this summer to students living in WA or are able to offer referrals for those living outside the state. If they are not already in your newsletter, they would be a good resource for this summer!


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