Gatling gun

The Gatling Gun Invention

Richard Gatling

The Inventor of the Gatling gun is Richard Gatling. He wanted to make a gun that could go rapid fire. enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred. The gun was based on Gatling’s seed planter. Then in 1861 he made a prototype and brought it to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1862. Then someone got a electric motor in stead of a crank and Richard did not like him copying his invention.

How the Gatling Gun Evolved

Back in 1865 the Gatling gun was just made and had a magazine and was on wheels Now today the Gatling gun has a belt that holds all of the bullets. The gun is now on air planes and other army vehicles. the gun had a crank in 1865 and now it has a button or a trigger.

How the Gatling gun works

The Gatling Gun has a crank and when you crank it, it turns the gears in side that turns the barrel around. There is a magazine that holds the bullets and one drops into the barrel and shoots. The shell drops out of barrel. The gun fires and does the same thing again until the magazine runs out.
Gatling Gun firing (short version)


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