Google Classroom

Utilizing an online classroom forum

Use your Lufkin ISD Google account to login to Google Classroom

Your Lufkin ISD Google account info is your full outlook email (Example: and a password you set (had to be 8 characters). If you have issues with your password, email me and I can reset it for you.

Open an internet browser (preferably Google Chrome)

Go to the web page:

Sign in with Lufkin Google account info.

Create a class by clicking on the + sign in the top right hand corner by your name. See picture below.

You will be given two options: Create class or join class

"Create class" is to be used when you are the teacher.

"Join class" is to be used when you are the "student" and have been given a code by someone to join their class.

Big image


These tabs are very important in regards to what information can be found and where.

Stream: This is where assignments are placed and classroom discussions take place

Students: This is where you can view the students that have joined your class and email as necessary.

About: This is where you can place important information that students need to have access to throughout the year (Syllabus, Links to webpages, information about you, etc)

Here is a "How-to" video on utilizing all of the features of Google Classroom. It was created by Jaime Keet and not anyone at Lufkin ISD. He gives great information so there was no reason to "re-create the wheel".

Google Classroom Tutorial