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All Aboard! Full STEAM Ahead. Vol. 1 Issue 3 May 2015

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A Day with Illustrator Sophie Blackall

The H. Ashton Marsh School students had an amazing day with children's book illustrator Sophie Blackall. Sophie is the illustrator of the Ivy & Bean series, as awell as over 30 other books for children. Her latest book illustrated is A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Dessert. Sophie has also written and illustrated the children's picture book The Baby Tree.She spoke with grades Pre-K through 4 and focused on a different book in each presentation. During the 4th grade presentation, Sophie showed the students how she did her research for the illustrations in A Fine Dessert, as well as showing them the whisking implements from times gone by that were used in the story. She ended that presentation by making the dessert, Blackberry Fool, with the students. They were able to use the old whisks to whip the cream while other students painted with blackberry juice. The Kindergarten and 1st grade students acted out the story from the book And Two Boys Booed, while the 2nd and 3rd graders helped to illustrate a long paper with a golden rope painted throughout that Sophie takes around the world on her travels.

We were all very moved by Sophie's the stories of Sophie's travels around the world with UNICEF and Save the Children. Sophie works very closely with UNICEF by promoting their Measles Initiative to eradicate measles around the world. Her work with Save the Children has taken her to Rwanda, India, and Bhutan where she works to get books into the hands of children and their teachers. Our children were enthralled by the stories of these children in schools far, far way from Absecon.

All of us have come away from the day of Sophie's visit with many positive memories.

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Help Us Break the Record With the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge!!

This summer we are helping Scholastic break the reading record for minutes read over the summer. All students in the Marsh and Attales School are registered with the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge - Power Up and Read!

We are asking that each student read a minimum of 15 minutes per day from May 4 through September 4. Minutes can be logged on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website or on a paper reading log. Look for more information to come home with your child.

Mr. Giardina and Mr. Weber have set challenges for the students in each school when we return in September. Mrs. Hagar has also challenged the students to complete a goal. Let's see if we can reach that goal and beyond!

Feel free to access the link below and check out the information for parents and kids. All students have active usernames and passwords.

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