Testofuel Review

Is This The Best Testosterone Booster Around?

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What Is Testofuel?

If you've been looking for a heavy duty testosterone booster online, then I can guarantee that you've come across Testofuel. This is without doubt one of the most widely-used and trusted bodybuilding supplements to come out of the UK. Testofuel isn't sold in standard supplement stores. It isn't sold through gyms or franchises. Instead, Testofuel is sold exclusively online - you have to buy it directly from Roar Ambition - the manufacturer.

There are a lot of positive Testofuel reviews out there. Many bodybuilding blogs actually list it as their most recommended product, with 5-star reviews fairly common. For example, Live-Magazine.co.uk lists Testofuel as one of their top 3 recommended testosterone boosters. It isn't their number 1, but it is their preferred option for bodybuilders/younger men, and it comes highly rated.

However, there are also a lot of seriously negative Testofuel reviews online.

One thing you won't find are middle of the road appraisals; people either seem to absolutely love love Testofuel, or totally loathe it.

So who is right?

Is Testofuel any good? Does it really work? What are the main benefits? Are these people right to hate on it? Is it safe?

Let's take a look at the Testofuel formula - as well as some of the more detailed testimonials - to see if this really deserves to be the UK's leading testosterone booster (and potentially the world's).

Testofuel Ingredients

The first thing we need to do is take a closer look at the Testofuel formula. The manufacturer can make all the claims they want, but unless the ingredients are there to back up their claims, it's all just talk.

Here is a quick overview of the Testofuel formula, what the main ingredients do, and their drawbacks:

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As you can see, this is a really high quality formula. Testofuel utilizes many of the same ingredients as other professional testosterone boosters. The difference, however, is that Testofuel only uses proven, effective ingredients. Every single ingredient in Testofuel has been scientifically proven to increase testosterone and improve libido. There's no fillers or bulking agents in play here - no over-hyped ingredients that sound good but don't deliver.

All we have are substances which actively promote healthy testosterone levels. This fact alone separates Testofuel from most of the testosterone boosters on the market today!

Here is an overview of the main ingredients and what they do:

D-Aspartic Acid - This is a very important amino acid for the body, not least because of the role it plays in regulating testosterone production. When the pituitary gland detects the presence of D-Aspartic Acid, it begins to release more Luteinizing Hormone. This then acts as an 'anabolic trigger', telling the testes to start producing more testosterone. Several studies have found that D-Aspartic Acid supplementation is able to drastically increase free serum testosterone levels in healthy humans.

Fenugreek - Fenugreek is perhaps the best natural libido enhancer in the world. It acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, reliably increasing sexual appetite and desire in men. Studies have shown that fenugreek is particularly effective in men suffering with fertility problems. The only problem is that fenugreek does not seem to act directly on testosterone levels. However, when coupled with the other ingredients in Testofuel, it really makes a big difference to your libido.

Vitamin K2 - Some low quality testosterone boosters provide Vitamin K. However, they provide Vitamin K1, not K2. K1 is ubiquitous in the human diet. Supplementation is completely useless. What the body can't get from food is Vitamin K2. This vitamin has been shown to be highly effective at increasing testosterone levels, especially when used alongside Vitamin D3.

Testofuel Testimonials - What Are People Saying?!

It's good to take a look at what other people have been saying about a testosterone booster before you go ahead and start using it yourself.

Here are a few Testofuel video testimonials.


Testofuel Review Final Thoughts - Does It Work?

You've come looking for a Testofuel review, so obviously you want to know whether it's actually any good or not!

A lot of Testofuel reviews you'll find online are extremely vague. They list some positives of the formula, and some negatives. But they never actually give you a straight answer either way. Many users just leave more confused than when they started. Reading several Testofuel reviews can just make you unsure whether one aspect of the formula is a positive or a negative.

This is especially true of reviews that are published by Testofuel's competitors! You always need to be careful when reading product reviews online; many are unduly harsh, written for the purpose of trashing a rival product.

So, does Testofuel work? Is it really that good?

In my opinion, the answer is a big fat yes! Testofuel is absolutely every bit as good as they say it is.

The formula is extremely good quality. It uses proven, effective ingredients. The doses are excellent. There's no useless fillers or bulking agents. There's no over-hyped herbal extracts that lack scientific proof.

Most importantly, it looks like Testofuel is pretty damn safe! There are no prohormones or harmful synthetic drugs in here - just natural, tested substances known to increase testosterone in a sustainable, gradual way.

Testofuel is an excellent testosterone booster - there's no doubting that!