Week Of Peace

Peace is its own reward.

coming this spring...

Come and join us, in our one week a year special event. Where we all celebrate peace among us. All you have to do is attend and have a good and relaxing time.

Peace Among Us.

Monday, April 21st, 7am to Sunday, April 27th, 11:45pm

Hawaii, HI, United States


Special Events

Monday- Hug someone every 30 Minutes.

Tuesday- Make somebody smile.

Wednesday- Walk 30 Minutes down the beach

Thursday- TWERkSUM Thursday

Friday- Friendly Friday

Saturday- Swimming with the dolphins

Sunday- Go to Church

Purpose of Feast

Keep living in peace, Keep being Beautiful.


No FIGHTING! No Cursing! No Lying! No Drinking!

Punishment for Violation of the rules.


Predicted Outcome

At the end of our special event Everyone should be relaxed and Joyful that they attended the event. Family bonds will grow stronger and peace shall be PROMOTED.


Only 90's Babies can attend.