Go Fourth!!

News & Tidbits From the Fourth Grade at HRRS

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Parents and Happy Monday!

Blessed Holy Week to your family. Don't forget that Friday is a half day. Another short week and then.....Spring Break, hurrah! I for one am looking forward to the rest and I am also anticipating spending some lovely time in New York with my husband.

We are continuing to press on with fractions; reducing to the lowest terms, ordering from smallest to greatest, placing them on a number line, and finding equivalent fractions using manipulatives. Starting tomorrow we are beginning with decimals.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have our Spelling Test List 8. Then on Thursday we have our Lesson 8 Test. Busy times. We have been using our watercolor paints for the first time this year and will continue with a Bunny project exploring color values on Thursday as well. Looking forward to a two color learning experience.

In Science, we are picking up with a chapter in the book summarizing what we've done, as well as practicing finding the main idea and key details as we read. This is not always as easy as it seems!

As you can see from the pictures, we had a delightful time at our first class read-in. We'll plan for another one towards the end of school. The all-school Read-A-Thon read-in is set for April. Sadly, we are in the last chapter of our Wind in the Willows. I wish it went on for days, it has been such a fun book.

Please keep encouraging and quizzing your kids on their spelling words and Math facts, looking for speed and accuracy. Also, I won't be sending much work home over break, but getting on IXL to practice their fractions and new decimal skills would be extremely valuable so they won't be rusty or have forgotten everything. Also, please have them keep reading on a daily basis in a good book.

Let's make this last trimester be a great one together.

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Marthie Ramos

4th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Holy Rosary School