Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

By:Oh Za

Dr.Henry Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll was a doctor that helps people and people thought that he was a great man but he was working on a project so he could separate from his evil and good. when Dr. Jekyll drank his potion he turned into Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde was an evil mean ugly person that no one liked. When he wanted to turn back into Dr. Jekyll he drank his good potion. No One new that Dr. Jekyll was Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll never told anyone that he was Mr. Hyde until he died.

Mr. Edward Hyde

Mr. Hyde was a bad evil man that liked beating and hitting people and then he would run away and he lied to them. People hated him and called him ugly he also hated people.


Dr.Jekyll was a good guy but he created this potion that would separate his good and evil when he drank his potion he terned bad and evil he liked to hit people and people hated him and no one new that Dr.Jekyll was Mr. Hyde he drank the potion we he wanted to tern back into Dr. Jekyll at the end Dr. Jekyll killed him self and he had a book about it then they found out that Dr. Jekyll was Mr. Hyde.