The Titanic

The Tragic Accident that Happened Years Ago.

What Happened?

On April 15, 1912 The Titanic hit an iceberg. The iceberg made a hole in the side, so the Titanic started sinking. there were 2,228 people on the ship. but there were over 1500 deaths. some people got on the life boats but sadly there wasn't enough boats for everyone. when the ship started sinking, it broke in half. one half sunk to the bottom of Atlantic. but the other half floated for a while. but then it started sinking. finally the other half sunk and landed over 2,000 miles away from the other half. many people died that night.

What Did It Used to Be?

The Titanic was a marvelous ship!

This titanic was not only a big ship, it was a luxurious one too. it was a cruise ship! you had a room that you could stay in for nights! and you had fancy dinners, and you could dress up and go to parties! The Titanic was a fun ship. but sadly it sunk, and now we cant have the experience the other people had on the big ship! But we will always remember The Titanic as a good and bad memmory!