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January Important Dates

3 End of Winter Break

4 ELearning Day

4 End of 1st Semester

5 First day of 2nd semester

5-11 Vitural (face to face)

10 WIDA Assessments window opens to February 25, 2022

12 Students return to school (Late Start Wednesday)

17 NO SCHOOL in observance of Martin Luther King Jr

18 School Board Meeting @ 6 pm

25 100 Days in School


Happy New Year Washington Cardinal Families!!!! Now that we are back from holiday break, we need to spend some time teaching our students about the importance of our connection to each other, and how we depend on one another through the process of their educational journey. Washington’s S.E.L. & Character Trait focus for January will assist our students by learning about Connection and Dependability. The definitions are as follows:

· Connection: The ability to understand & respond to the needs of others.

· Dependability: Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.

Knowing how to get along with others requires our students to learn their own feelings in order to make “connections” with others. In addition, they must also be willing to understand the emotions of those around them. It is through the building of those relationships, that our children begin to understand how we depend on one another. It is safe to say that each person possesses their own unique qualities and skill set, and it is through those differences that our children can learn to build bridges of positive teamwork, collaboration, kindness, support, and community. The aforementioned process prepares our children for the future workforce, as employers are seeking individuals who can be team players and contribute positively to the workplace environment. Our children learning to build those skills, within the educational environment, only serves to give them a head start in life. Dependability ties right in and supports the need to make positive connections.

Dependability establishes the foundation on which our children can continue to form positive connections with their peers. When our children can be counted on to do their part with their academics and behavior, the classroom flows better and disciplinary consequences are minimal to none. This translates into a future employer feeling confident enough to put trust in our children to complete the tasks at hand for they have already built their skill set. In the long run, when our children possess positive social skills and character traits, success will always be before them!! Let’s continue to work together, home & school, to teach and reinforce as many positive social and emotional skills in our children as possible. Their academic, behavioral, and future success depends on it!!

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SEL for Parents
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Star Students for December


Antonio Kimble (Schaechter)

Ava Phillips (Hanyzewski)

Simya Jefferson (Bandura)

Kylan Walker (Miller)

Penelope Bonilla Ruiz (Ferguson)

Antonea Wilson (Justice)

Developing Effective Communication/Relationships Between Home/School

Desarrollar una Comunicación/Relaciones Efectivas entre el Hogar y la Escuela

Please help and support the fight against Covid-19

Face mask are part of the uniform. Please send your child to school prepared, in uniform, on time and with their mask. All students entering the building MUST have a face mask. It is required in all school building that staff, students and any other person entering the building wear a face. Please speak to your child in the importance of wearing their mask and wearing their mask properly. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Community Partner Ethereal Lifestyle LLC - Covid-19 Testing on site (Saliva)

SCEC is working diligently and making sure your child is able to learn in a safe environment. Ethereal Lifestyle LLC use the Saliva PCR Test. It will be open to staff, students, their families and open to the community. Ethereal will service the whole school district. Sites are: EC Central HS, Carrie Gosch Early Learning Center, Harrison, McKinley, Washington, Lincoln and Block Middle School. A consent form will need to be completed for students to be tested. Download the QR code which is in English/Spanish and complete the consent form. COVID-19 test results will generally be provided within 24-48 hours. They will be testing January 6th and 7th and January 10th and 11th to our staff, students and their families before they come back to the building on the 12th. They will be onsite for staff, students and their families starting January 18th on a weekly basis. (every Tuesday) You will receive more information from your school site. What better way to help our students and families to offer the Covid-19 testing on-site. You will need to bring with you the following: your cell phone, ID/Driver’s License and if you have your insurance card. Insurance card is not required. Scan the QR code to complete consent form. Please take advantage of this great opportunity. Together we can make a difference!!!!
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All about Coronavirus: A Video for Kids and Their Families | Michigan Public Health
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