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Im a single 16 year old man living in Verona, Nephew of the great Lady and Lord montague and cousin to Romeo Montague. I love mucking around with Romeo, Mercutio and the gang!

Benvolio Montague ~ 4pm

Ohh NO, Romeo what have you done!? I cant believe that you killed Tybalt, I know that you did it for Mercutio... But that doesn't make murder okay :/.#Romeointrouble

Benvolio Montague ~ Update:12am

Just had the time of my life, snuck into the Capulet's ball and partied hard!!! Most importantly It looked like my cousin Romeo had a good time! Good on ya cuz for finally moving on :) Time to sleep all these beverages off :/. #Goodnight

Benvolio Montague ~ Update:3pm

Just got into a big fight between the Capulets and the Montagues, only to have it broken up by none other than the Prince of Verona. Tybalt really needs to stop being so childish, starting fights for no reason. #D**KHEAD

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