Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lent: Giving Up Complaining

Instead of contributing to the problem, be the solution.

The Stations of the Cross Poster

If you want to display this poster on your projector, you can find a large version on the link.
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Videos about Resilence and Grit

The ability to grow and keep trying when you don't succeed -- resilience and grit -- are key to cultivating a growth mindset, in academics and in life. Three of the seven videos on this post are below. The rest are accessible on the site. There are also links to eleven articles on welcoming failure, how to help students deal with failure, etc.
The comments below are those of Amy Erin Borovoy at Edutopia.

Integrating IPads in K-5 Classooms

Monica Burns on Edutopia posted yesterday:
Looking for advice on integrating iPads in K-2 classrooms?
Looking for advice on integrating iPads in 3-5 classrooms?
"In these two curated guides, we've compiled resources to help you find apps, learn about best practices, and explore ideas for engaging activities."
Link for K-2:
LInk for 3-5:
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Journey to the Center of the Earth Infographic

What you see above is about 1/25 of the entire infographic! Some very interesting things along the way down to the core!

The NCAA Tournament

Mental Floss went region by region, giving one fun fact about each team in the tournament. The Midwest is posted here. Links to the East, West and South are at the bottom of this article.
Below are a few more articles from Mental Floss about the NCAA: