SVB September Newsletter

From the Directors

Welcome to football season! This is an incredibly busy time of year and it's really important that all band members stay on top of the calendar. When looking at the band calendar, you can click on an event and the "notes" section will explain things like report time & uniform. We are beginning to work on the music for our next two shows. Students should be bringing their equipment home on a regular basis to memorize their music/routines. Finally, thank you for a great Tag Day! We brought home over $1000 more than we did last year! Great work SVMB. Keep your spirits and excitement levels high and we'll present a great product on Friday nights.

JH Night Rehearsal

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 6-7:30pm

7225 West Sylvania Avenue

Sylvania, OH

On Sept 23 members of the Arbor Hills, McCord, and Timberstone band will be taking the field with SVB. We'll be having a rehearsal on 9/21 to prepare for their performance. Squad leaders are expected to be at this rehearsal, but attending it is optional for all band members. Anybody who comes to this rehearsal will receive 1/3 point towards their Band Letter.

Optional Pep Band~ Bite for the Fight Against Cancer

Saturday, Oct. 8th, 9:45am-12:15pm

5200 Harroun Road

Sylvania, OH

Uniform~ Jeans, SVB Colors/shirts

Lunch Provided

1/3 point towards your letter

King Road Library Grand Opening

Monday, Oct. 10th, 10am

7225 West Sylvania Avenue

Sylvania, OH

We've been asked to perform at the Grand Opening Ceremony at the new Sylvania Library! Students will be excused from class from 8:30am-11:30am. The Ceremony starts at 10am and is open to the public. We'll be marching to the building and back. Make sure to watch the calendar for uniform.

Fall Fundraiser Ending

Friday 9/2, all orders and money are due. You can bring this to the band room during school or before report time. All Midas Cards and Discount Cards will be sent home with students upon our return from Freemont. Please remember, all checks are to be made to the SOUTHVIEW BAND BOOSTERS.

Bob Rogers Travel Scholarship

Welcome back to school SVMB!
In the excitement of back-to-school, there are always a few students whose financial need prevents them from celebrating their group’s upcoming trip.
With those students in mind, Bob Rogers Travel is happy to share a couple of competitive scholarship opportunities designed to help exceptional students with financial need to experience the joy of group travel – BRT’s Moments That Matter Scholarships, and the Student and Youth Travel Association’s Road Scholarships.

Clicking on either of those links will take you to all info you and your students need.

Music Checks

Music memorization checks are scheduled throughout the season for halftime and pregame music. We have already completed pregame music and two of the four songs in ournfirstnhalftime show. We will be assessing Shake It Off and Confident on September 5. We rehearse this music in the band room and on the field. In addition, there are demo recordings in Google drive for students to practice with at home.

All music checks are graded as Complete or Incomplete and are posted in Power School. Band members have until the day of the marching band concert to make up any Incomplete music check. There are several ways to make up a music check; video record self playing and upload to Google drive then shared with a director, set up a time to play for a director, or play with a buddy or two for a director. If a student wants to make up a music check, there will be a director in the band room on Thursdays from 6-8pm and Fridays one hour before report time. Any music check marked incomplete at the end of the marchingnseason will become a zero.

We don't want music checks to be a huge stress and encourage students to work with their squad leaders, fellow band members, or a director unfortunate ready to complete these checks. Please don't hesitate to ask for help with a music check.

Band Handbook Highlights- Attendance Policy

GENERAL: Every band member has a responsibility to the ensemble and their individual attendance at rehearsals and performances are important to everyone else in the group and affect the total success of the band. Attendance at rehearsals and performances accounts for 75% of the band grade each grading period. Students and parents need to be aware of the band’s calendar and demonstrate good time management. When a conflict arises, it is the student and parent responsibility to complete an absence form and submit to a director 2 weeks prior the known absence. In an emergency, the parent must call the band office 419-824-8740 and follow up with an absence form. All report times for events outside of the school day will be posted on the band calendar and attendance will be taken at that time. Musicians not ready to play and have proper equipment present will be marked absent, tardy, or excused as the case may be.

PERFORMANCE ATTENDANCE: Each member plays a crucial role to the success of a performance. Any kind of absence from a performance affects the entire ensemble and should be avoided. Please note, 2 or more absences (excused or unexcused) during a grading period will result in the lowering of the quarter grade and can result in removal from the class. If the Directors determine that an individual student is not prepared enough to perform at a specific event (due to previous illness, missed rehearsals, etc.) the student is still required to attend the event (football game, concert, parade, etc.) with the band and be in full uniform unless personally excused by the Directors.

  • Excused Absence Unexcused Absence
  • Being excused from a scheduled performance is rare, however situations do arise that need to be addressed. An Absence Form must be turned into a director within the 2 week timeline. At which point it is the director’s discretion whether the absence will be considered excused.
  • Religious holidays will be considered excused, but must be communicated through the absence form.
  • A death in the family, a family emergency, or the band member is ill: these types are absences are considered excused if the parent calls the band office on the day of the performance, followed with the Absence Form.
  • Work: band is a graded course and students will not be excused from a performance.
  • Not submitting an absence form prior to the 2 week timeline

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT: Students are reminded that band is an activity that receives course credit; therefore, employment is not a valid excuse for absences from rehearsals, performances, or required band activities (example: Tag Day). Students are encouraged to inform their employers of the band schedule located on the band website, If an employer would like further explanation of such policies, the Directors can supply the student with a formal letter of notification of Southview Band and Sylvania Schools attendance policies.

Alison Knowles, Band Director

This time of year, Mr & Mrs Knowles enjoy watching the Buckeyes and harvesting their garden.

Amber Wilson, Band Director

This time of year Mr and Mrs Wilson enjoy running outside, because it's not too hot, and reading.