Alberto 15

Kidnapped and living in the jungle and he is from Mitu

About his family life

In his family they have a mother, father, sister, and brother Alberto. Their brother has been kidnapped and being held hostage in the jungle. this is all being done by a gang who torturer the less city constantly. Before the kidnapping Alberto was involved in the peace group.

Where they live, Some facts about their town

Their house is a fairly big house with five mouths to feed. Although it is still big they find it lonely without Alberto. Their neighborhood is not very stable. this is because gangs walk the streets and will take people against their will.

Here are some pictures of the jungle in Mitu

Here is an event that has influenced them to turn their life around.

Having their brother kidnapped

This event has made a huge impact on the whole families life. After Having their brother kidnapped and their best friend killed by gang members this family is trying to turn their life around and try to forget the horrible indecent.

They choose to fight for peace

They did this because when they lost their brother the family thought all was lost. But it wasn't, because the oldest sibling had gone off and started helping the red cross organization.