Lindsey's Sunshine Daycare

6 Points Of Danger


Examples: stoves, radiators, flickering flames

A parent could be cooking and go to the bathroom. The kid could see the pot, grab it, and burn themselves.

How to stop it: block places where a child can get burned, cover outlets with safety caps, and don't leave a pot unattended on the stovetop.

Sharp Objects

Examples: knife, fork, scissors

A parent is cutting something and put the knife down. While attending to something else, The child grabs the knife and cut themselves.

How to stop it: Put covers on sharp knives, store tools in locked cupboards, and keep glass objects in a high cabinet.


Examples: toothpaste, cleaning supplies (detergent, bleach), medicines

A child sees medicine and thinks that it's candy. If they eat too much, they could die.

How to stop it: Store all medicines out of reach and sight, read product labels to find out what can be hazardous, and store all poisonious items out of reach.


Examples: swimming pool, bath tub, lake/ocean/pond

A child may jump in the pool without anyone knowing or watching and drowned.

How to stop it: Never leave a child unattended near water, at the pool give the child 100% of your attention, and learn CPR in case of an emergency.


Examples: small toys, big foods, and other small items

Parent might not cut a food (grapes, hot dogs, sausages, etc) small enough and the child may choke.

How to stop it: Don't let children run with food in their mouth and read labels carefully to determine chocking risks.

Make sure refrigerator magnets are out of reach and check toys frequently for loose or broken parts.


Examples: over heated cars, getting run over, car accident

A parent might be in a hurry for work and forget the child is in the car and the car can get over heated by the sun shining in. Children are often playing in the driveway where parents may not see them while backing up. Children riding in a car could fly through the the window in an accident.

How to stop it: Wear seat belts for every ride, kids under 13 should not ride in the front seat, and walk in front of the bus and far out so they can see you. Know where you children are when backing out of the driveway. Take your shoe off and place next to your child in the car. When you get to work and you don't have your shoe on, you will remember it's in the back seat with your child. This will help you not to forget your child is still in the car.