Middle School Get Me Out Of Here

James Patterson

The books setting and characters

The setting of the book is in his grandmas house , the art school ,the next place is called the big city

Some main characters are Rafe ,Georgia, Matty Theodore Fleck man, and Leo .

Summary of the book


Rafe moved out of his house in Hills Village and moves to the big city . Later on he ends up going to his favorite school meets new friends . Rafe makes a friend called matty the freak aka matty Theodore fleck man. They go on a quest to find Rafes dad looking for clues.The class goes on a field trip to a meuseum . Matty and Rafe go to the gift shop ,later Matty tells Rafe to stay in the store and not come out . Matty took a long time,so Rafe decided to leave .When he left sirens went off security guards came told him to open the bag . What they found inside was a stolen pen that Matty took . Rafe said that the bag was Mattys . Everyone left while Matty stayed back ,he got in real trouble. The next day Matty was really mad at Rafe for selling him out . It was on They hated each other since then they were enemies . Later on in the week Rafe had to show the class a project . It was on the computer Rafe told the teacher to pull it up on the board . But what was pulled up was a picture that had Rafe and a blank outline of a human that said I don't think he is coming back my dad . Rafe was so mad he stormed out of the school and left and went back to Hills village . His mom picked him up and took him to a cemetery . They got in front of a tombstone it was Rafe's dad . Rafe's dad was a military soldier who died in a war but Rafe's mom kept it a secret from him .

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