Want to become a great team?

Use continuous feedback! Prototype is arising!


As team member oder team-lead you find yourself in daily work-life-situations, wondering why there is given only few (and even no) feedback among your team members. And a few days later, the concrete situation has passed out of mind, due to the overwhelming amount of daily work. Once again, your team missed the chance to becoming better! Good news: JUST CHANGE IT and let your team members give feedback to daily team situations whenever they want to!

The "Feedback Circle".

Step 1: Decide values / themes and create a virtual team room
First of all, the team members have to decide which values they want to observe in daily work. I suggest 3 to max. 5 values. One person of a team will be administrator and:

  • creates a closed virtual team room (name, password)
  • selects the relevant values / themes and
  • sets a evaluation time box
within the app. (The admin view is not yet visible.)

Step 2: Give feedback / read feedback

1. Turn the colored carousel right or left to select the value that you want to give feedback to. In this view you can read all comments that were already given in your team.

2a. Use the green (or '+') button to put a green murmel into the colored field "courage" and comment the positive situation that you observed in your team in a few words.
... otherwise ...

2b. Use the red (or '-') button to put a red murmel into the colored field "courage" and comment the negative situation that you observed in your team in a few words.

Step 3: Evaluate feedback and get better

At the end of the evaluation time, all given comments will be send to the admin of the virtual team room to talk about it and change what needs to be changed. Then, a new feedback circle starts - maybe with changed values. (The admin view is not yet visible.)

The feedback...

  • is guided by common team values or special themes
  • is given anonymously
  • is gathered in a virtual team room
  • is discussed and handled by the team

Participate and succeed!

We are convinced that team members will become more satisfied in using our app. Teams will deliver better products and thus customer satisfaction will arise! Do you need any more reasons for using it?

Try and click www.feedback-circle.de and contact us for talking about details personally.


Who we are
This initiative was started by Michael Brausam. More team members are coming from Darmstadt/Griesheim and ScrumCenter, Berlin.

To address your questions and your wish to take part in the actual phase contact us: