The Woman and the Koala

By Tyler Johansen

The story takes place in the middle of the ocean and the main characters are a woman that can read minds and a koala bear. In the story the woman retires from her job and lives on a boat in the ocean. One day she hears crying so she sailed into shore. Once she got their she found out that it was a koala bear stuck in a tree. She used her mind reading powers to hoax the koala bear into coming into her arms so she could safely get him down. The koala bear then saw her as his master and she kept him as a pet.

Tyler Johansen

I am Tyler Johansen, I live in West Union, Iowa. I am currently 17 years old. I am currently enrolled in classes at North Fayette Valley High School. My extra-curricular activities are Football, Wrestling, Track, FFA, and Boyscouts.