6th Grade Academics

Week of November 29- December 3

ELA (McNair, Kelly, French, & Stone)

We will continue our fiction genre study. This week, we will focus on analyzing a realtistic fiction and fantasy story for plot, character changes, and confliict!

Math (Fitch, Willis, Stetcher, Braxton)

We will be completing Unit 2 "Introducing Ratios" and taking the county short cycle assessment to gauge their mastery level with this unit.

Please ensure that your child practices their fact fluency daily in order to master 0-12's. Knowing their facts will enable them to feel more confident with math overall.

Science (Riso, Gilliam, Stetcher, Braxton)

  • Describe the Organization of the Universe
  • Explain the Big Bang Theory
  • Describe how Earth moves in space

Social Studies (Hartlove, Vines, French, Stone)

Hartlove: 6th grade Social Studies - Exploring the Kingdom of Israel.

Other classes will continue explore the Four Empires of Mesopotamia