6th Grade Academics

Week of October 11-15

ELA (McNair, Kelly, French, & Stone)

Students will expand on their nonfiction skills through a research project and class debate. This activity will work to improve the comprehension and communication skills of all of our readers.

Math (Fitch, Willis, Stetcher, Braxton)

We will continue working on area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. Compacted math classes will begin exploring surface area of 3-dimensional prisms and pyramids.

Science (Riso, Gilliam, Stetcher, Braxton)

  • Describe how Thermal Energy relates to Heat & Temperature
  • Predict how Thermal Energy flows between objects at different temperatures
  • Explain why some substances change heat more easily that others

Social Studies (Hartlove, Vines, French, Stone)

Students will study the Rise of Sumerian City-States. They will understand how responses to geographic challenges resulted in the formation of complex Sumerian City-States.