Children Of Australia

How Healthy are the Children of Australia

The truth about Australia’s health

Most people believe that Australia is a healthy country, and for the most part that is true. But there are 23million people in Australia and 4.3million of them are children. So some of the facts are far from what people expected.

Although it may be hard to believe 4% of all Australian children are severely disabled, and 17% have a parent that is severely disabled. 17% of Australian children have to grow up rather quickly and look after their own parent’s.

Also surprisingly Asthma is actually more common than hay fever, as 10% of children in the country have Asthma but only 7% have hay fever.

But what I find most shocking of all is the fact that 45% of all the six year olds in Australia have dental decay.

Obesity in Australia

Australia’s children are getting less healthy and now 17% are overweight and even worse is the fact that 6% of all children in Australia are dangerously obese.

Boys and Girls

One of the most unexpected facts is how close the ratio of male and female is. 51% of Australia’s children are male and 49% are female. This is not what you would expect if you looked at most classroom situations.

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