Adolf Hitler

His childhood and rise to power

Do you know who Adolf Hitler is? Did you know that he killed 11 million people? Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis. He ordered the killing of over 11 million people 6 million of them were Jewish. He was basically the organizer of the Holocaust, that lasted 12 years. Most people think Adolf Hitler was a horrible person because of that.

In the text it says that Hitler had a very rough childhood. Adolf demanded the Nazis to murder over 11 million people. His father died when Hitler was 14. 2 years later so did his mother. That year he dropped out of school and moved to Vienna and worked as a casual laborer and watercolor painter. Hitler organized the whole idea of the Holocaust. He applied top the German Army. In August 1914 he got in. This was a really hard childhood to live.

Adolf Hitler was the head of the Nazis in the 1900's. Hitler commanded Nazi soldiers to kill 11 million people. Hitler made all the rules for the Holocaust. This was about Adolf Hitler and what horrible things he did in his lifetime.