Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

By Kayleese Thoma

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse


This is a video from you tube of Lilly.


Lily loved school. Then Lilly got a purple plastic purse , pair of sun glasses , and three shiny quarters. Then she got them token away in school. She got mad.

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When she got mad she went to the light bulb lab and drew a big fat mean steeling picture of her teacher Mr. Slinger when her teacher saw that he got mad to


Lilly walked slowly to school that next morning. That night her dad made cheese balls. Her mother made a note. Lilly made a really really sorry note. When she got to school she said sorry. It was better day.


The main character was Lilly. She was the main character because the book title had her name in it. The book was all about Lilly to. She loved school. She liked the pointy pencils and squeaky chalk to. Another character was Mr. Slinger. Mr. Slinger was the teacher in the book I had. Mr. Slinger liked to wear the different tie on every day of the week. Another character is the students.


The setting is school. School is an import place because allot of the things in the book happen at school like when she gets her purse token away. Another setting is lily's home. This is an import setting because she goes home after school.

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Kevin Henkes started illustrating and writing books in High School. He made his first book All Alone 1981. His next book was A Weekend With Wendell. He made new characters such as Julius, Chester, and Lilly.


Vidio About Lilly's Purple Purse By:Kayleese

Me talking about The book