Dental CPD

Know More About Dental CPD

How is the general public assured that the dental services they are getting from the practitioners are up-to-date and that the dental practitioners are knowledgeable of the newly launched machines and current trends in dentistry? In most countries, professional boards and regulation commissions establish guidelines and requirements when applying for a license to practice or when renewing such license. One of those requirements is dental CPD in Australia.

Dental CPD, or continuing professional development, refers to courses, trainings, lessons, and other types of clinical and technical activities that are directly related to dental practice that help in improving the knowledge base of the dental practitioner. Other trainings and lessons that are not directly related to dental care may also be included. Such trainings may include bookkeeping, management and finance, human resources, legal, and marketing. These aforementioned trainings might not directly affect patients, but they are issues in the dental profession that are relevant nonetheless, albeit more on the business side of the practice. For a dental practitioner, it is important to keep oneself updated with the current trends in dentistry because the practice is improving in a very fast pace, with all the new inventions and techniques developed.

Keeping oneself abreast with the trends is synonymous with keeping your practice marketable to new patients. Who would want a dental practitioner who does not know anything about new dental techniques? It would be an utter disservice to your patient base if your practice is not improving or you are still using techniques that might have already been proven to carry risks to the patient and that has already been replaced by a (more) sterile or less anxiety-provoking technique. Thus, dental practitioners should take the time to enroll in dental CPD courses that will help him or her develop dental skills and techniques.

There are numerous institutions offering dental CPD courses, and it is a wise investment not merely for the professional gain but to the business practice as well. Institutions offering courses for dental CPD usually provide lectures and instructions that you can train on to increase your skills as a dental practitioner. There are also examinations and quizzes to gauge if you have indeed learned something from the training. After successfully finished a particular dental CPD course, that institution will award points, units, or hours, depending on the requirement of the dental professional organization or board. Those points, units, or hours will then be included in your records that can be verified or accessed during the annual renewal of the practice license.

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