Learn the Best Photo Tricks

A 68 page eBook that explains the most popular photo tricks!

Photo Magic – Special Effects Photography Made Easy

If multiple exposures, light painting, star trails, little worlds and other photo tricks amaze you, then the best eBook to help you create those tricks is available now. Photo Magic is a download away from you!

Photo Magic – Special Effects Photography Made Easy is an eBook from the Digital Photography School collection, a new eBook from Neil Creek, the author behind the incredibly popular dPS Photo Nuts Series. Now he wrote a new eBook that you'll love and make your friends nuts when they see what you can accomplish. After you've read the eBook!

Neil has a talent for taking difficult to understand concepts, and making them accessible. He also loves to experiment with creativity in photography, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the camera, making him the perfect author to teach special effects photography. So now he looks at all those special tricks that people love to talk about but many never dare to try. Well, with this guide you'll be ready to create your own magic in photos in no time.

You've probably tried your hand at a few special effects. If you’re like most, the creative concepts in your mind were much more impressive than the end result! Now, with 68 pages of text and photographs, you'll be guided from A to Z without trouble. Stop trying to find out how it is done, read it in this eBook, which can be yours for $15if you act now. Or $19.95 if you take a bit longer to realize the importance of the content you'll find here. Because all Neil explains van be used beyond the tricks themselves, it is something that will help you to better understand Photography as a whole.

Photo Magic will show you how to create unique (and amazing) special effect images of your own. The type of photos your friends and family just won’t believe you took!

Here is what you'll learn in this eBook:

Zoom Effect - Add a dynamic zoom effect with a slow shutter speed, and learn a super charged variation using your flash.

360 Panorama - A spherical 360 degree panorama puts you there by showing the whole world from a particular viewpoint.

Aperture Masks - Create a romantic, magical or cool background for your night portraits with aperture masks.

Flour Hair Flick - Half a cup of flour, add three lights and flick hair vigorously for this dramatic action shot.

Light Painting Sparklers - Sparklers, a sci-fi schoolgirl and some really nifty colour and light tricks create this dynamic light painted photo.

Light Painting Steel Wool - tars twinkling above and fire sparking below lights up the beach in a dramatic combination shot.

Little World - Starting with a panorama, create whole planets with this super distorted, super fun effect.

Mixing Ambient and Flash - Capture and freeze motion in the same shot for a striking effect by mixing flash and continuous light.

Multiple Exposures - If two are twice the fun, eleven clones are a party! This multiple exposure technique is a unique way to tell a story.

Star Trails - Capture the majesty of the night sky as it spins eternally overhead with this surprisingly accessible star trail technique.

Water Droplets - Natures little lenses create many images with this technique to get you started using water refraction in your photography.

So, if you're convinced by now, go and grab your magic copy... oops, your copy of Photo Magic – Special Effects Photography Made Easy It costs $15 now, a 25% discount if you act quickly. Or $19.95 when the launch promotion ends.