Unit 6: Folk Literature

By. Andrew Rogers, Co-Writer: Bob

Types of Folk Literature

Fable- Tells a short story using animals that talk. Usually ends with a moral.

Myth- Tells a fictional story based on fake gods

Epic- long narrative poem, usually heroes perform a legendary or heroic deed

Tall Tale- A huge exaggeration, where the story can never take place in real life

Legend- A real life happening that is created into a fictional story

The Shark and the Dolphin

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Favorite god!!


Taoism and Confuciansm Facts

1. Taoism was written in the 6th century BC in China.

2. Today, there are still many Taoists out there. (about 20 million)

3. Taoism is based on the teachings of Tao Te Ching

4. Was taught by Confucius

5. It was taught around the 5th-6th century

6. It taught a system of things that had great impact on the people

The Parable of the Sower

Parables of Jesus: Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower Meaning

The seed is the "Word of the Kingdom." When the seed lands on the hard ground this represents some who is hardened with sin, he hears the word but doesn't understand it. The stony ground represents a man who takes delight in the word, but when trouble arises his 'faith' quickly disappears. The thorny ground represents the seed being allowed to grow, but thorns choke the life of the plant. Finally, the good ground receives the seed, and produces much.

My Fable

The Shark and The Dolphin

There was this ocean where there was an underwater king. His name was Skar. He was the most feared animal of the ocean. One day Skar was swimming in the ocean. He was swimming by some rocks when he saw a dolphin. He said, “ Yum, a dolphin would make a tasty treat.” He started to creep up on the dolphin. And just as he was about to go for the kill, the dolphin suddenly twisted around. It said, “ What are you doing? You did not just try to eat me. Sorry,” said Skar. “I was hungry.” The dolphin and Skar argued for a whole other hour before the dolphin said, “ I’ll make you a deal. If you go up and touch that shark cage with the human in it, you can eat me,” said the clever dolphin. The dolphin knew that the people in the shark cage usually had weapons. The dolphin figured he would get rid of that big bad shark for good. For Skar didn’t know this, he could care less. Skar swam like an elegant looking shark. He swam swiftly up to the cage without even caring to look for divers in the cage. Suddenly he felt a big piece of metal pierce his skin. A metal spear was stuck in the shark. The shark took his last breath and cried out, “Ahhhhh!” The big shark floated to the bottom of the sea as a big dead shark. But the Dolphin swam away happily. It said,” That was just to easy.” The moral of the story, never trust a dolphin. They are the cleverest animals in the sea!!

The Shark and the Dolphin
Me reading my fable