Sarah and Maddie


  • There is flexibility in spending
  • Must be managed wisely
  • Carry much less cash
  • It establishes good credit when managed well


  • Easy to spend more than you can afford
  • If you carry a balance from month to month, you will pay high interest rates on the amount

~You Should Ask Credit Bureau For Copy of your Credit Report~

Know Credit Card Incentives and Costs


  • Free gas, airline miles, $ back, donations
  • Designed to encourage you to sign up


  • Annual Fees
  • Interest (charge on unpaid balances)
  • Pay entire bill before the end of the grace period

Avoid Common Credit Mistakes

  • Pay bills when due
  • Don't ignore bills if short on money---Contact the lender
  • Read & understand what you sign

Five C's of Credit





-Credit History