Anne Frank: A Story of A Young Girl

By Anne Frank

A Young Girl's Struggle

This all started when she got her first diary for her birthday, It was actually it was a note book but Anne liked to use it as a diary. In the later years World War II was upon them. In 1940 the Germans took the rights away from the Jewish people. They had to practically had to turn in everything they owned. The Germans even gave times when they should do and not do something. It's like they do the same thing everyday. In 1942 Anne and her family went in hiding because the Germans were taking all the Jews in terrible conditioned camps. The Frank family hid behind Otto Frank's business building in a attic. They were basically trapped in there. After 25 months the Frank family and seven other families were found by the german.

The Concentration Camp

Once they were ripped out of their hiding spots, they were transported to prison and transit camp before they ended up at Auschwitz. The Jews had to stand in a train for 3 days and nights without sitting. When they finally got to Auschwitz, more than half of the people on the train were brought to the gas chamber to be killed because they were to sick or old to work. The Germans separated the Jewish people by gender. Anne and the other women were brought to public showers to shave their heads and be disinfected. After they were all given a tattoo numbers so the Germans wouldn't have to worry about names. Then Anne and her family were shoved into rooms without heat or bedding. Where Anne, her sister and mother were staying, the Germans tortured and experimented on them. Nothing they feared or worried about in the attic prepared them for how bad the concentration camp was. Many women died from starvation or disease, sadly Anne, Her sister and mother was one of them. After the war Otto the father realized that he was the last Frank member standing.

Pronunciation Guide

Owsh-wihts Auschwitz