#WE Rise

Links to Remote Learning for Week of September 14-18, 2020

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Let's have a great week!

This week, we are excited to continue learning at school and from home.

Mrs. St. John will be talking with students about our virtual Bedford Falls book fair. This week, she will be launching a virtual book fair (with live books to!) where you can support our media center. All proceeds go directly back to the media center.

This week, we will continue to post our morning news and read alouds directly into your SeeSaw Class or your Google Classroom by 10:00 each day.

Wherever you are learning today, RISE and SHINE and have a great day! #WERise

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Email your jokes to Mrs. Spears!

Click the picture of your teacher below to get your day started!

About Attendance

Parents, during remote learning, note that in order for us to count your child in attendance off site, we must verify that the student is engaged (completing and submitting assignments), on pace (participating in the virtual classroom), or receiving academic/emotional support (directly from the teacher). If this isn't happening, your child will be counted absent. Please make sure that your child is submitting work and that you are communicating with the teacher daily. If your child is attending face to face (A/B days), we will take attendance as usual on the at school days and mark your child PRESENT ON SITE (or ABSENT unless special circumstances exist). Thanks in advance for your help!