Emerson Roars / Rugido de Emerson

2015-2016 - Week of March 7/semana del marzo 7

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Health and Wellness / Salud y Bienestar

Healthy Tip of the Week!/ Consejo Saludable de la Semana!

Enjoy the nice weather we’ll be having! GET OUTSIDE and PLAY!! But still remember to bundle up, and wear layers. It’s better to have a coat and warm cloths if you need them, then to not.

GO Tigers!!

Tim Dennehy

Physical Education

Emerson Elementary

Emerson School Lunch and Breakfast Menus

March Lunch Menus can be viewed at this link:

Los menus del almuerzo escolar de Marzo pueden ser vistos en este enlace:


March Breakfast Menus can be viewed at this link:

Menus para el desayuno de Marzo:


Parent Teacher Association / Asociación de Padres y Maestros

Stay Informed / Mantente Informado

Here are the links to PTA's social media outlets / Aquí están los enlaces para los medios de información del PTA:









Yahoo Group for Parents


Important Events / Eventos Importantes

Please save the dates for important events coming up:

  • March 11 - Principal's Coffee, 8:30 Coffee (English), 10:30 Coffee (Spanish)/Bring Your Family to School, 9-10:30 am & 1-2:30 pm
  • March 15 - No School, Kindergarten Registration
  • March 25 - Spring Break Begins (through April 3), No School

Tenemos muchos eventos importantes por favor aparte las fechas:

Online Calendar/Calendario en la red:


2015/2016 District100Calendar https://d2ct263enury6r.cloudfront.net/i21uPR13Sprh85IF6V8vLxDRd3fq7mXBbptyhEat3aIhhxN4.pdf