Orientation Course Spring 2016

Online Learning Labs

Lab Rules

Please click on the following link to view the rules and procedures of Online Learning Labs.

Technology Survey

Fill out the following survey to the best of your knowledge.

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Being a Good Online Learner

Being a Good Online Learner

Credit Recovery Video

Please watch the video below if you are taking a Credit Recovery course.
Orientation Video 1

Logging Into Edgenuity

1. Go to https://learn.education2020.com/

2. Click on Students

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3. Your username is your first name initial, last name initial, student ID number, and the word aldine

ex. ih012345aldine


4. Your password is your 6 digit student ID.


5. You will see your courses listed on the left side.
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Tracking Tool

The Tracking Tool is a folder that will help you monitor your progress and know where you are at in a course at all times.

Intro to Tracking Tool

Intro to Tracking Tool

Online Learning Lab Notes

2 My online course notes

Assignment Planner

3 Assignment Planner
4 Edgenuity Assignment Planner
5 Assignment Planner

Goal Tracker

6 Goal Tracker
6A Goal Tracker
6B Goal Tracker

Online Learning Labs

Isabel Hejazi-Rodriguez, Online Learning Labs Coordinator