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Home of Ms. Smalling's Brewed Strong Crew, Issue 4

Wow - Week 4!

What a crazy busy week!! It seems that time is flying by, and pretty soon, my newly minted 4th graders will be ready for 5th grade.

Dear Time...please slow down, have a cup of coffee and chill out already.



Changes to Matter from Heat Energy in the Science Lab

Flexible Seating in Math and Science

Speaking Subject-ively

Celebrating Freedom Week

In Social Studies this week, we took a break from studying the regions of Texas to celebrate Freedom Week. This is an official holiday celebrated by five states that is designed to emphasize teaching our country's origins with a focus on the founding documents. What better way to celebrate than with a special viewing of A Schoolhouse Rock Favorite: The Preamble! This was following by visiting to help us understand exactly what our forefathers were talking about when they wrote the Constitution. We finished up our celebration with a memorization and recitation of the Preamble. For a walk down memory lane, I've included the video for your viewing pleasure.

The Book Fair Is Coming to MDE September 19 - September 23

I'm so excited!! The book fair begins this week, and I just can't wait. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek on Friday to fill my bucket, and I went a bit crazy. Please know I have no expectations that my entire bucket will be purchased. Not only does the bucket act a wish list from teachers to acts as a reminder of my own classroom shopping list. I'm so thankful for all of the support I receive from each family in the coffee house, and I wanted to make sure all of you knew that I appreciate you.

Shameless Plug for The PTA!!! Join Today!!!

Need Information About MDE and Don't Know Where To Find It?

Our PTA is wonderful! They provide us money for our classroom, teachers, specialists, and administrators for our school, enrichment activities for our children, and countless hours of volunteer help. Please join PTA. They are amazing people, and we couldn't have all of the wonderful things we do without them. If you're already a member, thank you for supporting MDE. If you aren't please consider joining today. Further, their website has the most up to date information on the happenings of MDE. Take a look: