Expecting a Baby?

Here's what you need to know

What is really happening inside me?

From fertilization to the moment the baby is born things are constantly changing and becoming different and exciting. Here are the phases and a little note about each one.

The First Two Weeks: After the males sperm has met with the female over the baby is initially fertilized. Together they form a zygote that travels toward the uterus and divides itself to multiply. Finally, at the end of the second we the embryo reaches the lining of the uterus where it will grow over the coming months.

Weeks Three through Eight: The embryo begins to develop it's outer and inner layers that will become muscle, skin, and other vital organs. *sensitive period!

Week Eight through Birth: All the muscle, skin, and nervous systems fall into place forming the familiar shape and size of a baby as it prepares for birth.

Note: During the sensitive period your baby is developing it's vital organs, therefore you should be especially careful to avoid harmful substances!

The risks of using harmful substances (teratogens):

-They can cause birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a condition that can severely hinder the physical and mental cognitive development of your baby

-Stress is also considered a teratogen because being stressed can cause the babies heart rate and blood pressure to climb with your stress level

-Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, low birth weight, and general complications with your baby.

-The use of cocaine during pregnancy can cause sudden infant death syndrome. Which is a condition that causes the sudden death of an infant during the first year of there life.

Eating: Twice as well, not twice as much!

Though you are eating for two it has been highly recommended that mothers who eat a diet rich in zinc, protein, and folic acid have a smoother and more comfortable birth and pregnancy.Symptoms such as premature babies have been found in women who consume a diet that is low in these three main nutrients

Remember, what you eat they eat and what is fueling your muscles is also fueling the early and developmental stages of there's.