China Culture

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Culture Introduction

Culture is the arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work over a period of time. Culture is the attitudes and behaviors of the civilization. Culture is important because it allows a civilization to express their personalities, and bring their civilization together. Culture impacted China in five ways. First, religion impacted China. Religion was very important to China and what they did in their everyday life. Second, culture impacts writing because different civilizations write in many different ways. Third, architecture changed the way a civilization studied math, science, and engineering. Fourth, innovations impacted civilizations. Culture impacts innovations because some places will need to make different things like clothes. For example, China made silk. Lastly, culture impacts achievements because cultures might accomplish different things. For example, China made The Great Wall Of China, and they made silk. The culture developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on people.

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Chinese Religion


Statement: Religion controlled and determine most of daily life activities.

Example #1:

  • There were the gods of the river, rain, earth, and mountains. These were called the gods of nature

Example #2:

  • They worshiped and believed in dragons, but not the dragons that breathe fire. They believed in dragons that would grant them wishes as well as dragons who had other magical powers.

Example #3:

  • They went to Temples to worship their leaders and their ancestors. They thought that if they did not worship their ancestors, they would be punished from them in the after world.

Example #4:

  • Mandate of Heaven The Chou invented then told the people that heaven had decided to make them rulers. If they were selfish, heaven would withdraw support and the Chou rule would be over and get a new leader.

Example #5:

  • They believed in the after world. The Chinese believed they could take things they cherished into the after world with them because of the leader, Qin took 8,000 terracotta soldier replicas with him.

Ancient Chinese Writing

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Chinese Architecture

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Chinese Innovations

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Chinese Achievemnts

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Chinese Culture Conclusion

In conclusion, The Chinese have their own way of life. Religion was an important part of culture. They believed in gods of nature, dragons that have magical powers,they worshiped their ancestors, and believed in the afterlife. The Chinese believed they could take cherished possessions with them when the died. They built the Great Wall of China the largest wall in the world. The Chinese but temples to worship their ancestors. The rich lived in wood built homes with tile roofs and the poor lived in bamboo homes.Writing has a big impact on the Chinese civilization. The people wrote on paper, bamboo, and silk. Oracle bones were used to write questions to be answered by spirits.The chinese used wooden masks and discovered the wheel barrow. The discovery of silk was kept a secret from other civilizations. The Chinese had great achievements which were the Great Wall of China, the making of silk, and the first to make paper. The Chinese people in their culture all lived the same and had a good way of life. This proves that the Chinese had a great innovations, achievements, religion, writing system and more...