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Membership Benefits

  • Web Forums: Our website, is chock full of content and is updated frequently. Popularthreads are hosted there as well as a place for discussion in the web forums. If you have questions, SLRI has answers. SLRI members support each other through an active online community. Topics range from Reading Week promotion to conference announcements to questions such as "Where do you shelve graphic novels?"
  • Watering Holes: Join your colleagues to network and share ideas at monthly meetings held around the state. Have a snack and a beverage as you gather together and make new friends.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Monthly newsletters are sent out with AASL, ISTE and RISTE links of interest to librarians and feature librarians around the state. See all of the great work your colleagues are doing in RI!
  • SLRI is NOT just school librarians! Public, academic and retired librarians are part of the membership, offering many different perspectives and ideas to our members.

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